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The Smartcard Reader service is running. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. You are not using a smart card the way they are used in practice. Thanks, I’ll look into it. Dec 7, I think my question is pretty clear what I was trying to achieve but whatever, I have no interest in engaging in pointless arguments. Zlash , Jan 6,

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I sense a certain hostility and people trying to blame me for asking the question all wrong. How do I read from and write to a smart card using a smartcard reader?

Dell Latitude D Genuine Smart Card Reader | eBay

I have absolutely no idea whatsoever regarding what and how I can use a smartcard reader; please excuse my ignorance. It seems in some European countries the government-issued ID cards, as well as bank and credit cards, are smartcards which contain certificates which certify the holder who can use them to access bank accounts or dell d620 smart card reader with the government bureaucracy online.

This is what I am trying to understand. Here is additional information.

Well you also asked this in your original post J-WillDec 1, Post as a guest Name. Nov 30, 2. Dec 4, 6. I have a Dell D which has a builtin smart card reader.

Dec 1, 5. I just thought I could use a Smartcard to log into x620 own computer and to hold whatever certificates I have, rather than keeping them in the computer itself and dell d620 smart card reader them available to whoever steals my laptop. Assuming you have a working smart card reader, the software depends more in the type of cards you want to use rather than the reader. I have a Dell Latitude D laptop which has an integrated Smartcard reader but I do not know how to use it.

Jan 5, Mods please move it if it fits better elsewhere. The Smartcard Reader service is running.

Dell Latitude D Smart Card Reader | eBay

But I am telling you, without arguing, that you are not conforming to convention. Do you already have an account? What software or middleware or whatever is needed for this type of transaction. You are not using a smaart card the way they are used in practice. SmartCard readers usually have their dell d620 smart card reader custom software.

My problem has been solved so I will answer a few questions and this will be my last post here. This is done from a regular home computer with a smartcard reader. We are involved in something which is strictly commercial and I feel Carx need to know more about dell d620 smart card reader these things work. Or is it only a reader?

Dell Latitude D620 Genuine Smart Card Reader 10058983

Well, yes, as I said, I realize bank cards, credit cards, etc can be of the Smartcard type. ZlashJan 6, ZlashDec 7, You would use an ID card sometimes along with a password to log-in to the machine. Jan 4, If you need to access a dell d620 smart card reader or website or email with smart card authentication, then you only need certs and middleware ActiveClient.

How are you going to generate a certificate for it if you do?