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Which looks cleaner and better-designed? They feel crisper and nicer than the “rattraps” you mention. Hmm, I thought all of the older styled Optiplexes came with the older “rattletrap” design. Thu, 23 December , For the last one, any one of us who’s ever been in a computer lab or in an office environment that uses Dells would probably immediate know what’s being referred to.

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The following example was manufactured in April Views Read View source View history. Its new owner remarked that it didn’t slide around his desk like the Dell keyboard did.

I dell kb1421 keyboard recently that UK Topres are on sale now, much to my surprise. Before that vell was the Midnight Grey variant, softer, more rattly, and in use it feels like every key is clogged up with wet sand, or like you’re walking through snow dell kb1421 keyboard winter it felt just like walking in snow.

The membrane sheets are joined together using a heat stamp.

Dell KB (OptiPlex) rubberdome

Dell kb1421 keyboard testing again earlier, I have to correct myself in kg1421 they definitely require more force than a Cherry MX brown.

I can also confirm that the keycaps are flatter, and rather shallow, though throw is decent. I did like the wider or deeper?

As for naming them rattletraps, I would partly agree because their extended keys wobble like mad, though I’ve seen rubberdomes that rattle a kb14421 more namely HP’s SK The KB I tried had much more stable extended keys than the older Dells, but I can’t confirm metal stabilizers. Should dell kb1421 keyboard calibrated my camera’s white balance first, but, oh well. Far too expensive for a quiet keyboard Kn1421 holding out for the Tactile Pro 3 instead as Dell kb1421 keyboard like noise!

I’ve used the KB variant and I can say it’s decent. The force curve is sharp and smooth with positive action — the feel is a significant improvement over the previous models with dell kb1421 keyboard protruding space bars.

Which looks cleaner and better-designed?

Just like any Dell keyboard they’re perfectly mediocre, not good, but not horrible either. And now I’m really curious about Topres Rubberdomes though are also softer on your dell kb1421 keyboard, where MX, scissors and particularly ALPS switches are quite harsh, for those who can’t help but bottom out.

The new Dells dell kb1421 keyboard to be light but with more grippy feet — not sure there. Especially the previous midnight grey ones, with the softer keys. That’s one dell kb1421 keyboard of Cherry MX — universally recognised parts and universally recognised behaviour!

Thu, 23 December Ones that are in decent condition are usable, but the ones that have some wear or damage are pretty horrible alright. I was sure you wrote “ratttrap” but maybe sleep deprivation has left me delusional.

Dell KB1421

Christmas break is dell kb1421 keyboard fast! Then I gave away my cheapish Trust scissor, and compared that to a rattletrap Dell, and realised that the scissor in fact dell kb1421 keyboard a metal plate as it was twice the weight of a cheap Dell. For the last one, any one of us who’s ever been in a computer lab or in an office environment that uses Dells would probably immediate know what’s being referred to.

Very clean, smooth and soft feel, comparable in weight to Cherry blues and not jarring like MX or scissors; ultra quiet sound with no rattle; and a curious combination of relatively low profile keys and relatively long travel, so you get the vogue look without sacrificing travel as you dell kb1421 keyboard with scissor keyboards, which I do not get on with.

Dell USB Keyboard Kb1421 0M372H

The top of the keyboard is not presentable, and a large number of keys have been stripped of their legends. I think around here, they’re referred to as the black Dell keyboards, dell kb1421 keyboard bezelless Dell keyboards, or simply keybowrd “those awful Dells”.

If that keyboard is what I think it is, then it is not that new and I have tried it.

I’ve never used a new Midnight Grey dell kb1421 keyboard. The RT7D5JTW lacked metal stabilizers on backspace and the numpad extended keys though they didn’t wobble anywhere near as much as later boards because they used a better plunger design. Used these in college.