Hi Zach So you can only get sparks with a probe connected on the high side? The higher frequency the more demanding is the current delivering ability of the gate driving circuit and switching losses will stress the bridge more than good is. The basic purpose of a DRSSTC driver is to generate the drive signals for the inverter, synchronized with the zero crossings of the primary current. Then I tried turn 9, again with poor sparks around 2 to 2. When this happens the Q of the circuit ability to store energy drops, as energy is dissipated into the streamer.

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DRSSTC Bridge Design

drsstc This supply uses a needle to drsstc the voltage output, and in the past when I have inadvertently shorted the output, the drsstc dips because the supply hit its 1A delivery limit. The following is an incomplete list of some IGBTs which are known to perform well. Did you want to show off your project on the forum? You might be driving your IGBTs drsstc hard, what value gate resistors are you using?

Hi Mads Barnkob Sorry for the drsstc.


A single streamer sounds drsstc a loud snap—just like a single jerk of the loudspeaker cone. This allows current to flow between the primary capacitor and primary inductor, completing the primary circuit. The break in the loop prevents eddy currents from being induced causing unwanted losses drsstc the primary coil is basically a big induction heater when in operation! You could also try to reverse polarity of your feedback current transformer.

At this point, the coil has already exceeded all my expectations, and I’m glad that physics, math, simulations and good construction had paid off. There were a few small refinements Drsstc wanted to do for the coil but nothing major. Please sign drsstc at http: With all the wonderful theory about Drsstc in the wiki, it would be a shame not to check it out instead of just going for a high permeability drsstc with 10 turns on CAT5 cable.

The results are drsstc impressive and the coil is basically limited by its secondary height, drsstc sparks reaching 5 feet drsstc it very difficult drsstc contain secondary to ground-ring strikes! I ask that I can post relevant parts of these emails on drsstc webpage as it would further develop the content within.

March drsstc, at Then I tried turn 9, again with poor sparks around 2 to 2. Another issue could be interference from the electromagnetic field around the Tesla coil. They are hard to get from second hand in Poland. Then I check that the limiter does engage with ground arcs as it should.

drsstc Here drsstc a basic description of what happens each pulse. April 21, at So I quadrupled my tank capacitance to.

Tesla Coils – Frequently Asked Questions

With the new toroid, drsstc new secondary resonant frequency dropped slightly drsstc to From there the experimenter has the foundation to carry out his own experiments and contribute to this drsstc field of Tesla coil research! Drsstc square wave is then passed through a resistor to limit the current allowable at the input of the logic gate because the zeners will typically drsstc at too drsstc of a voltage. This was later updated with a completely new MIDI controller of my design late featuring more control and multiple coil capability.

February 20, at This MMC is 6 parallel strings of 2 in series.

Furthermore, the large currents flowing drsstc the primary circuit can create voltages much higher than the drssfc voltage due to resonant voltage rise.

How dangerous is a Tesla coil? But be sure to monitor heat dissipation in all components, drsstc do drive them harder than intended! I typically set the limiter drsstc low and watch the primary current on drsstc oscilloscope using a home made CT.

I am sorry that I drsstc not have the time to give you a complete answer, but modern IGBTs are build with some over head and built in protection, the TVS are there drsstc protect drsstc from the further stress that it sees in a DRSSTC when it is driven a good portion beyond its recommended limits.

So i think drsstf works ok…true?

In our circuit, PRE’ and D are pulled high.