Most of the other applications IBM included basically duplicate the functionality of other programs. When the dust settled there was one laptop still standing: Excellent battery life usually is near the top of any list of must-have laptop features, with a good warranty a close second. I love the feel of the Thinkpad keyboards. The lid is also designed so its edges come around the base a little when it is closed.

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Hitachi Deskstar 80GB, rpm Optical drive: There was no media packaged with the laptop, so in the case of total hard drive disaster, you are required to call IBM. In general, Windows comes with better software to do ibm thinkpad t40 2373 same things all of the IBM software does. That 1 inch thickness makes this unit easy to carry around the office or home. You can change your settings at any time. Indeed, the rumors are true.

IBM ThinkPad T40 Specs – CNET

The lid is attached to the base with two large metal hinges, and it would take a lot to break them off. The audio in this thin thinipad seems compromised — sounds kind of ibj, even though fairly loud.

This makes it easier for a large company to deploy their own images for easy restoring, but to the average user it means you pay for 6GB of disk space you can’t use without reformatting. You must login ibm thinkpad t40 2373 create an account to comment. While the lid gives a little when twisted, its magnesium alloy construction makes it nowhere near as malleable as the plastic on most laptops.

This offers a very detailed look at your applications. This software includes a handful of diagnostics and troubleshooters for the computer, ibm thinkpad t40 2373 do about the same thing as the troubleshooters in Windows Help.

Enclosure color Black Display Display size — technology — form factor One of the things to keep in mind about the T40 is that it is designed in many ways for being deployed in droves across a large business.

Want to watch a couple of 2 hour DVD movies on the flight? Tucking it under the arm to carry around is even doable. The standard IrDA for exchange of files and communication with nearby laptops is of course included. The battery performance is fantastic at 6.

It would be nice if you could request to have it shipped with the computer. I love the feel thinkpda ibm thinkpad t40 2373 Thinkpad keyboards.

My previous laptop had been a Gateway Solo which gave me about 3 hours of battery life when I first purchased it. While it is not completely indestructible, I have no fears about my T40 getting damaged in any minor calamity.

Past experience with the IBM warranty department has been pretty good, they are ibm thinkpad t40 2373 hands-off, no off-base questions asked.

All T40 models have dual USB 2. The other drawback to the T40 is that only one of ibm thinkpad t40 2373 memory slots is user-accessible. The 9-cell pack is more expensive y40 the regular 6-cell The quality of the notebook build and warranty are second-to-none.

IBM ThinkPad T40

I would have loved to have seen FireWire standard on this notebook, but I don’t think the omission is anywhere near being a deal breaker.

Usually thinkpda first remark you hear ibm thinkpad t40 2373 the T40 is that it is built like a tank.

At least IBM does not load the system with apps that just waste away in the system tray. Most of the other applications IBM included basically duplicate the thinkpas of other programs. This provides a little more assurance against injury when you throw it in your ibm thinkpad t40 2373. By using our website, you are agreeing to the use of Cookies.

Past experience with the IBM warranty department.