I finally received an answer from Highpoint: With all of that said, there are also different ways of setting up RAID. However I stumbled across the topic below which is making me a little worried:. There is also the same data rate in both directions providing the performance and sca-lability for the next decade. I doubt if there is a performance hit on using a drive in legacy mode. If the RR does not write the “Legacy” indicator, and instead writes to somewhere in the last two Gig of space on the drive, who knows what will happen as it clobbers your data. Page List Top 1.

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You want to be rocketraid 2310 the data is accessible on another controller otherwise you will need to purchase the same controller again.

All of the accessories, rocketraid 2310 included, come sandwiched in a thick foam to ensure a safe and secure ride when in transit. I would expect that Legacy mode allows this.

I will also try to attach a disk with existing partitions and data to the controller and see if it is recognised by UnRAID without any configuration in RR bios utility. If anything it will be a detriment to performance. After formatting the disk, Cache-disk was available for use and I copied GB of data to the rocketraid 2310 successfully.

Assuming byte sectors, Rocketraid 2310 think you might get lucky.

HighPoint RocketRAID – storage controller (RAID) – SATA 3Gb/s – PCIe x4 Overview – CNET

The new disks were visible in Rocketraid 2310. An example is in this post:. I then created two JBOD arrays with one disk in each of them.

Go To Topic Listing Hardware. The first point is understandable and relieving; there is no writing rocketraid 2310 the disks by the controller rocketraic when using legacy-mode.

If you are rocketraid 2310 a recent drive for pariity rocketraid 2310 a 1. I wrote a quick PM to Tom stating that there might be an issue with the parity detection process, including some details of what I found, and he responded:. A bit pricey at eur but compared to overall system price it didn’t really matter.

Highpoint RocketRAID 2310(RR2310) 4 channel Internal PCI-e x4 to SATA II RAID controller(card)

At one point I was testing rocketraid 2310 new “Verify Only” parity check feature. Posted June 16, Sign up for a new account in our community.

So the behaviour was 231. I finally received an answer from Highpoint: I guess I just stick to non-rain controller mode. Thanks for detailed answer once again. However, I rocketraid 2310 recommend somehow you use the drive then remove rocketraid 2310 to another machine or test it on another port in the same machine.

This rokcetraid sector 1 through 62 as unused. It is the successor to Parallel ATA. Sign In Remember me Not recommended on shared computers. This rocketraid 2310 uses cookies.

Proper way of using RocketRaid as sata controller with UnRAID? – Hardware – Lime Technology

Posted June 17, Once synonymous with servers, RAID has made its way into the mainstream thanks to the inclusion of onboard controllers by the motherboard manufacturers.

This helps with cable clutter in a normal ATX PC case rocketraid 2310 when used in a server, this is the only position 231 really put the ports. When compared to software RAID, the hardware approach rocketraid 2310 to be ideal when factoring CPU usage but more often than not, controller cards are somewhat cost prohibitive. Unfortunately however, rocketraid 2310 the unraid driver starts, it is “hardcoded” to use partition 1, and if partition 1 does not exist, and does not take up the full size of the hard disk, then bad things will happen.

HighPoint RocketRAID 2310 X4 Pci-e 4x SATA RAID Controller Card

Have your parcel delivered by Rocketraid 2310 23110 your specified address. Originally like circaI wanted to let there be two partitions on each disk, p1 and p2. This leads us into the next form of RAID: